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Laughlin, Sister M. Donalda [Monica], O.S.B. "Developing Basic Musicianship through the Study of Medieval and Early Renaissance Music" Vol. 1
Chartier, Sister M. Inez, O.S.B. "Prognosis in Mental Deficiency"
Kruchten, Anne and O’Brien, Jenean "Teaching Undergraduate Students How to Identify a Gap in the Literature: Design of a Visual Map Assignment to Develop A Grant Proposal Research Question"
Byrne, Patrice M., O.S.B. "A Study in Some Phases of the Marketing of Higher Education with Particular Reference to The College of St. Scholastica"
Lortie, Sister Jeanne Marie, O.S.B., editor of "Spun Yarns"
Ewen, Sister Ramona, O.S.B. "An Evaluation of the Business Department of Duluth Cathedral High School"
Scanlon, Sister Ann Edward, O.S.B. "The Rise of Duluth as an Ore Port, 1901-1915: An Economic Study"
Scanlon, Sister Ann Edward, O.S.B. "The Rise of Duluth as an Ore Port, 1890-1901"
Coleman, Sister Bernard, O.S.B. "Where the Water Stops: Fond du Lac Reservation"
Coleman, Sister Bernard, O.S.B. "Decorative Designs of the Ojibwa of Northern Minnesota"
Baxter, Sister Marguerite, O.S.B. "An Appraisal of the Medical Technology Curriculum of The College of St. Scholastica"
Cahoon, Sister Janelle, O.S.B. "Tensions and Dilemmas Facing Organized Christianity in the Contemporary United States as Recognized in Official Church Statements"
Freshwater Review, Spring 2018, Volume 21
Freshwater Review, Spring 2016, Volume 20
McPherson, Sister Mary William, O.S.B. "The Concept of Intersubjectivity in Gabriel Marcel"
Braegelmann, Sister Athanasius, O.S.B. "The Life and Writings of Saint Ildefonsus of Toledo"
Braegelmann, Sister Athanasius, O.S.B. "A Comparative Study of the Economic and Political Preparations of the First and Third Crusades"