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Clarke, Margaret Jackson, O.S.B. "The Federal Government and the Fixed Nitrogen Industry, 1915-1926"
LaBud, Sister M. Verona, O.S.B. "Determination of the Vitamin C Content of Certain Foods by the Indophenol Method"
Alich, Sister Agnes Amelia, O.S.B. "Lewis Acid-Base Reactions at the Oxygen of Transition Metal Carbonyl Compounds"
Stuart, Sister Urban M., O.S.B. "Biochemical Studies on the Reactions of Sorbose in Alkaline Solutions"
Alich, Sister Mary Andrew [Agnes], O.S.B. "Binary Systems of Metals"
Lewis, James Franklin 1930s?
Lewis, James Franklin 1945
1920s Chemistry Laboratory
1954 Nursing Students in Chemistry Lab
1945 Medical Technology Students in Chemistry Lab