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Clarke, Margaret Jackson, O.S.B. "The Federal Government and the Fixed Nitrogen Industry, 1915-1926"
LaBud, Sister M. Verona, O.S.B. "Determination of the Vitamin C Content of Certain Foods by the Indophenol Method"
Alich, Sister Agnes Amelia, O.S.B. "Lewis Acid-Base Reactions at the Oxygen of Transition Metal Carbonyl Compounds"
Stuart, Sister Urban M., O.S.B. "Biochemical Studies on the Reactions of Sorbose in Alkaline Solutions"
Alich, Sister Mary Andrew [Agnes], O.S.B. "Binary Systems of Metals"
Riehl, Sister M. Agatha, O.S.B. "The Reaction Mechanism of the Chromic Acid Oxidation of Cyclohexanone"
Lewis, James Franklin 1945
1920s Chemistry Laboratory
1954 Nursing Students in Chemistry Lab
1945 Medical Technology Students in Chemistry Lab