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Nemanich, Sister M. Victoria, O.S.B. "A Study of the Relationship between Economic Understandings and Scholastica Preparation, Family Background, and Work Experience of a Selected Group of College Women"
Harney, Sister Maureen, O.S.B. "An Analysis of the Results of Training of Girls of Abnormal Intelligence by a Study of Their Histories after Having Left a Special School"
Laughlin, Sister Margaret James, O.S.B. "Development of the Catholic Secondary Schools of Duluth"
McLaughlin, Sister Raymond, O.S.B. "A History of State Legislation Affecting Private Elementary and Secondary Schools in the United States, 1870-1945"
Birmingham, Sister Digna, O.S.B. "A College Curriculum Can Be Improved through a Study of Personal, Social, Family and Religious Shortcomings and Needs of Its Alumnae, and It Can Be Evaluated by a Study of Strength and Weaknesses Shown in These Relations"
O'Donnell, Sister Rose, O.S.B. "Continuance of Professional Growth of the Sisters of St. Benedict"
Roehl, Sister Aelred, O.S.B. "A Survey of the Reading Interests of Duluth Parochial School Students Grades Seven through Nine"
Pocta, Sister Lea, O.S.B. "The Effects of Group Counseling on the Motivation of Junior High Students Toward School"
Austin, Marjorie Lillian "A Survey of Student Reaction to the Guidance Program at The College of St. Scholastica"
Chamberlain, Sister DePaul, O.S.B. "An Evaluation of the Language Arts in the Sixth Grade of Assumption School"
McGough, Sister Mary Charles, O.S.B. "A Survey of Illustration for Children's Books"