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Raway, Sister Beverly, O.S.B. "Pain Behaviors and Confusion in Elderly Patients with Hip Fracture"
2008 Oct. 3 - 5 Homecoming Parade
1909-1913 “The Nursing Class”
1956 Nursing Students Planning the Rheumatic Fever Charity Ball
1955 Nursing Students' Capping Ceremony
1954 Nursing Students' Capping Ceremony
1950s Nursing Student Caring for a Young Boy in a Clinical Experience
1940s Nursing Student Caring for a Patient in an Iron Lung During a Clinical Experience
1943 Graduating Class of Nursing Students
1946 Nursing Graduates Class of 1946 in Front of St. Mary's School of Nursing Building
1936 Nursing Students' Graduation
1920s Nursing Students Playing in a Band